Repurposing the Multipurpose Room
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Repurposing the Multipurpose Room

For the last 10 years, the third bedroom in my home has been serving dual purposes. I’ve been utilizing it as a home office. My husband uses it as a home gym. However, before long, this multipurpose room will need to be repurposed into a nursery. Because I can’t allow my future baby to sleep on a treadmill, my husband and I need the assistance of a remodeling contractor. This type of professional can improve this chaotic space and help turn it back into its intended purpose, a bedroom. If you need to remake one of the rooms in your home, consider hiring a remodeling contractor to complete the work for you. On this blog, you will learn the ways a remodeling contractor can transform a multipurpose room into the space you need.


Repurposing the Multipurpose Room

Window Replacement: Dos And Don'ts For Homeowners

Joel Nguyen

So, your home's windows are in need of replacement; they're drafty, old, and simply aren't doing their job anymore. You know that having replacement windows installed is a major investment, which is why you want to make sure that you make the right decision regarding which new windows will be best for your home in terms of safety, energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and value. By keeping a few considerations in mind as you shop around, you can make a well informed decision in no time.

DO Factor in Maintenance Costs

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when it comes to selecting replacement windows is only factoring in short-term costs, such as the price of the windows and expenses related to installation and labor. When you do this, however, it's easy to convince yourself that going with a cheap window is your best option. In reality, however, that cheap window option could end up costing you a lot of money in the long run. They may need more maintenance over time, may not be as energy efficient, and may even need to be replaced again much sooner.

DO Consider Glazing and Tinting

When you meet with your window replacement professional, there's a good chance that he or she will present you with some "add-on" options for your windows. And while it might seem like he or she is just trying to upsell you, these additional options actually may be a good idea for your situation. Specifically, a specialty window glaze could provide added security to your windows, whereas tinting (especially on south-facing windows) could help to increase energy efficiency and protect your interior fabrics and upholstery. Don't write these options off so quickly.

DON'T Always Replace in Kind

Finally, don't make the mistake of assuming that replacing your current windows with the same type of windows is always your best option. While it may be the easiest and most convenient option, the fact remains that if your existing windows were installed more than a decade ago, there have been significant advancements and changes in window manufacturing. As such, it might make more sense to go with a different style of window, even if it may alter the appearance of your home. For instance, replacing sheet glass windows with double-hung windows could help increase security within your home while helping you save money on energy costs throughout the year at the same time.