Repurposing the Multipurpose Room
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Repurposing the Multipurpose Room

For the last 10 years, the third bedroom in my home has been serving dual purposes. I’ve been utilizing it as a home office. My husband uses it as a home gym. However, before long, this multipurpose room will need to be repurposed into a nursery. Because I can’t allow my future baby to sleep on a treadmill, my husband and I need the assistance of a remodeling contractor. This type of professional can improve this chaotic space and help turn it back into its intended purpose, a bedroom. If you need to remake one of the rooms in your home, consider hiring a remodeling contractor to complete the work for you. On this blog, you will learn the ways a remodeling contractor can transform a multipurpose room into the space you need.


Repurposing the Multipurpose Room

3 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas For Perfectionist Cooks

Joel Nguyen

A well-organized kitchen makes cooking and cleanup faster. But for a perfectionist cook, having a well-organized cooking space is vital for peace of mind. There are a variety of different organizational storage units and racks you can buy to arrange the items in your cupboards. But there are also steps you can take during the kitchen remodeling process to make it easier to organize your belongings in the future.

Here are a few design ideas for perfectionist cooks that can take you from new countertops to custom kitchen cabinet remodeling.

Stainless Steel Counters

Stainless steel counters are among the easiest countertops to wipe clean once you're done cooking. The non-porous steel won't absorb any liquids spilled onto the surface so staining isn't an issue. Steel can also withstand high heats so you can sit hot pans on the counter without worrying about scorch marks.

The downside is that steel does scratch easily and often. So if your type of perfectionism can't handle scratches, you might want to look instead to something like quartz that's a bit more high maintenance but durable. But the scratches on steel look more like texture than blemishes, so if that idea doesn't bother you, it's worth seeing a sample of stainless steel counters in person.  

Multipurpose Island

A kitchen island can provide a place to eat breakfast, set out extra food, or act as a storage and organization workhorse. Talk to your contractor about how you can make the kitchen island work with your organizational needs.

The most versatile method is installing a multi-level island. One side should have an indent that would allow bar stools and knees to slide under the countertop. But the other sides of the island can be used for storage.

You could ask that the side directly parallel to the barstools contain shallow shelving hidden by a door. This would be the perfect place to keep small, frequently used items like bulk spices, measuring cups, or extra stemware.

The shorter ends of the island can also be utilized for storage. You can ask for small racks lining the end vertically so that you can store smaller spice bottles, decorative tea boxes, or dish towels and cloths.

Storage Behind Doors

If you're having new cabinets installed, ask that hooks be attached to the inside of the cabinet doors. Hooks installed by the contractor will be stronger than the stick-on hooks you can find at the hardware store. You can then use those hooks to hang measuring spoons, narrow measuring cups, and potholders behind closed doors.

Do you have a pantry in your kitchen? Ask for the same hooks on the back of your pantry door. You can hang aprons, larger utensils, and thicker measuring cups behind the pantry door. To find out more, speak with a business like Encore Cabinets & Design.