Repurposing the Multipurpose Room
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Repurposing the Multipurpose Room

For the last 10 years, the third bedroom in my home has been serving dual purposes. I’ve been utilizing it as a home office. My husband uses it as a home gym. However, before long, this multipurpose room will need to be repurposed into a nursery. Because I can’t allow my future baby to sleep on a treadmill, my husband and I need the assistance of a remodeling contractor. This type of professional can improve this chaotic space and help turn it back into its intended purpose, a bedroom. If you need to remake one of the rooms in your home, consider hiring a remodeling contractor to complete the work for you. On this blog, you will learn the ways a remodeling contractor can transform a multipurpose room into the space you need.


Repurposing the Multipurpose Room

Windows And Kitchen Renovations

Joel Nguyen

The average kitchen renovation costs around $20,474. A large part of many renovation budgets go to high price items such as cabinets, countertops, and appliances. Often the kitchen windows are an afterthought. However, changing up the windows can make a big difference in the look of the kitchen. When undergoing a kitchen renovation, including windows in the budget is something homeowners should consider doing. Here are three ways to change up the windows in the kitchen.

Adding New Windows

For those who are looking for an open feeling kitchen, windows are a great way to achieve that aim. Windows bring in more light and can make a small space feel larger. Adding a window in high traffic areas, such as right above the sink, can also put the focus on the outdoors. Homeowners who live in an area with a beautiful landscape or view should consider adding more windows to the kitchen. Adding a new window opening costs around $800. While this can take up a large percentage of a budget, it can be worth it for the extra light and view of the outdoors.

Windows That Open Out

Another way to really bring new life to a kitchen is by using windows to bring the outside in. Windows that open easily, such as casement windows or sliding windows, work well for homeowners who want both ventilation and a nice breeze. These windows do tend to cost more than standard kitchen windows. A casement window can easily run between $572 and $911 with installation. The kitchen is a great area to try out new windows that let in air and light.

Window Screens And Painted Window Frames

For those who do not want to make any major changes to the windows due to budget concerns, there are still a few options. Painting the window frames and trim in order to match the rest of the kitchen is a low cost way to update kitchen windows. Also simply cleaning them up and repairing any cracks or broken panes can make a big difference. Another option for those who want to keep their windows open more often is window screens. The average cost to install window screens is $276. These screens keep the bugs out and allow homeowners to get more use out of their kitchen windows. 

Windows are something that should be considered during a kitchen renovation. Even small changes such as new paint and screens can make a big difference. New windows and windows that open up can also open up a kitchen space. For assistance, talk to a professional like Master Remodelers.